You have approx. 120 days to stop your foreclosure! *From the date you receive a 'Notice of Default'. Act Now! Call Today!


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When will my bank Foreclose?

Your bank has to wait approx. 120 days.

What are my options?

We provide all legal options available to you as a homeowner. 

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Read more about what rights you have as a homeowner. We can explain what your bank can and can't do. As a member of the better business bureau we comply with all laws and procedures that govern foreclosures. We work directly with two local law firms to protect you as a homeowner. MORE


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A short sale is when the not holder (your bank) agrees to accept less than what you owe. In the event you cannot continue to make payments on your mortgage and you owe more than what your home is worth a short sale is a great way to stop foreclosure and SAVE your credit! Learn more about why credit is so important here. MORE

Foreclosure is a complicated matter and there are several aspects that many homeowners don't understand. We have compiled some of the most common ones here. MORE

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