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If you need assistance with a loan modification we can help. 

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Your Options


Once a Notice of Default has been received you have approx. 120 days to find a solution before your home is sold at a public auction.

DAY 1-90


Notice of Default. First you most likely have received at least one letter from your bank telling you that you are behind at least one payment. Your bank usually will provide some options for you, but really they are not too lienient and most often just want your payment as agreed. We can help you by working with your lender to consider one of these options.

DAY 91...

After 90th day of non payment to your bank will most likely result in a Notice of Default...

After several letters from your bank telling you that you are late on your payments your bank will elect to file a 'Notice of Default'.  This takes place once you are three consecutive months behind payments. Keep in mind if you have more than one mortgage tied to your property, each lien holder can elect to foreclose on your equitable right of redemption. If you have received a 'Notice of Default' contact us today! 

DAYS 91-120 


Here you legally have approximately 3 months to rectify the situation or in other words 'bring your loan current'. To avoid foreclosure you can reinstate your loan by paying off all attorney fees and late payments. 


If you cannot bring your loan current, choose to do nothing, or choose not to sell your home your bank will have an attorney proceed with a foreclosure at the county courthouse. A local county Sheriff will assist in this process and he/she will evict you from your home. Don't hesitate if you are facing foreclosure! Please give us the opportunity to explain your options to you.

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